UNDOKAI World Cup 2017

2017.11.2 - 2017.11.5 @Awaji Island

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Game Rules and Details




<1 Player>

The players dribble the ball on the designated course and compete the time.
  • General (male):50m
  • Kids / General (female):45m(the 1st and last cones are exempted)
  1. If the players go off the designated course, return to the point and start again.
  2. Do not lift the ball over the cones.
  3. Each time the players knock the cones down, extra 5 seconds will be added to their total time.
  4. The players and the ball should go on the same course (striding over the cones is not allowed.)
  5. The time will be recorded when the players stop the ball in the goal line.


Ganbare Land