UNDOKAI World Cup 2017

2017.11.2 - 2017.11.5 @Awaji Island

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Game Rules and Details

Swedish Relay



<4 Players>

  • General (male):100m、200m、300m、400m → total 1,000m
  • Kids / General (female):75m、150m、225m、300m → total  750m
Compete the total time of the 4 runners.
  1. Each player must run a designated distance and compete the groups’ total time.
  2. The batons should be handed over from the 1st runners to the last runners in order. The last runners should cross the goal line with the batons.
  3. The runners should pass the batons inside the take-over zone.
  4. The records will be invalid if runners run inside a track, run off courses, disturb other runners or violate any other rules.


Ganbare Land