UNDOKAI World Cup 2017

2017.11.2 - 2017.11.5 @Awaji Island

Count Down

Game Rules and Details

Obstacle Run



<1 Player>

The players overcome various obstacles on the course and compete their time.
  1. Vaulting Horse:Leap over 3 vaulting horses.
  2. Hula Hoop:Run while hula hooping. When the players run without hula hooping or drop hula it, they must restart from the point.
  3. Spoon:Carry a ball on the spoon and put it in a hole. If the players drop the ball, they must restart from the point.
  4. Net:Go under the net.
  1. Do not take suspicious actions such as making false start or disturbing other players.
  2. Do not carry or destroy obstacles.


Ganbare Land