About UNDOKAI World Cup 2018

The only Sports Tournament in the world
that anyone can be a part of !



The "UNDOKAI World Cup" is an annual event in Awaji Island where you can feel the richness of nature. It aims to work towards a society in which people around the world are living healthy lifestyles. Based on the tournament's core concepts of health, regional revitalization and traditional culture, the event aims to bring people from all around the world together to join in vibrant games that anyone can participate in.


UNDOKAI World Cup will focus on the following three concepts :

Health Through sports, we are able to extend our healthy life expectancy, reduce medical expenses, improve physical fitness as well as contribute to building up the physical fitness of the elderly.
Regional Revitalisation Through holding the tournament in Awaji Island, we wish to increase people-to-people exchange and promote the appeal of rural areas and benefits to settling down in such areas.
Traditional Culture We wish to play a role in passing on Japanese traditional culture through sharing Awaji Island's traditional myths, depicting the island as the place from which Japan was born, as well as its food culture of providing quality service.

Through UNDOKAI World Cup we will work towards creating a society in which people around the world are living their healthiest lives.



Ganbaru-kun and Ribbon-chan were born out of Awaji Island, the birthplace of Japan. The two are siblings, Ganbaru-kun is the older brother and Ribbon-chan his younger sister.

Tournament Overview