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Long Distance Kick

Kids Division

General Division

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Game Explanation

Players compete to kick the ball the furthest distance from the set position.
1st, 2nd and 3rd place from the General Division and Kids Division will be decided respectively and awarded.
  1. The results will based on best score out of three.
  2. Players must kick the ball inside the set area.
  3. The following cases will be marked as a foul and will not be recorded.
    - Kicking the ball and leaving the set area before the ball hits the ground.
    - If the ball is kicked out of bounds.
  4. There is a line marked every 5m, and when the ball falls short of a 5m mark, the previous line will be recorded. (44.5m will be recorded 40m.)
※If the ball lands on a line, the distance of that line will be recorded.
※A footsal ball will be used.


9/17 (Monday) afternoon 
venue:Temporary parking lot - North