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Giant Ball Run

Paid Games Division

< Teams of 4 >

Game Explanation

With 4 people in one team, move towards the goal using your backs to hold up the giant ball. The winning team will be decided by time and order to reach the goal.
*You may elect a player from members registered in each race.
1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be decided from all the teams and awarded.
  1. One team consists of 4 members. (2 men and 2 women. Substitute +1) Freely choose the mixture men and women in your team.
  2. The players must use their backs to hold up the giant ball and race along the course. It does not matter how you hold up the ball.
  3. Please do not act in a manner that is in violation of the rules, such as leaping through the air or obstructing other players.
  4. If a cone is knocked over or the giant ball is dropped, players will be penalised 5 seconds for each cone knocked over and the number of times the ball is dropped.


9/15 (Saturday) all day 
venue:Gambare Land