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Obstacle Race

Kids Division

General Division

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Game Explanation

While proceeding through the obstacle course, compete for best time and rank.
Ⅰ. Spinning Bat: Spin around 10 times on the bat and start
Ⅱ. Tin Can Stilts: Race on the tin can stilts
Ⅲ. Through The Net: Go through the net
Ⅳ. Caterpillar: Crawl through the caterpillar
Ⅴ. Express Delivery: Stack up the cardboard boxes and keep running.
1st, 2nd and 3rd place from the General Division and Kids Division will be decided respectively and awarded.
  1. Follow the rules in each course. Players must do 3 push ups for each rule broken.
    【Spinning Bat】:The bat should always be touching the ground.
    【Tin Can Stilts】:If players fall from their stilts they must run from the point they fell.
    【Through The Net】:Players must be careful not to break the net.
    【Caterpillar】:Players must crawl through the caterpillar to proceed.
    【Express Delivery】:If the balls drop, stack them up again and keep running.
  2. Please do not act in a manner that is in violation of the rules, such as leaping through the air or obstructing other players.
  3. Do not take or break the obstacles.


9/17 (Monday) morning 
venue:Gambare Land